Iceland's Volcanic Eruption Of Satellite Shows Once Again Spread To The Southeast

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According to NASA official website reported that Iceland Yiyafala volcanic eruption at the end of April has been reduced strength, a relatively mild period will last about a week. However, in the first week of the month, Yiyafala volcano began a new round of massive volcanic eruptions. May 6, 2010 morning, NASA's "Terra" satellite, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer captured Aiyafala thick volcanic ash exhaust cloud is southeast blow it away. Iceland's volcanic eruption

again show to the southeast of proliferation of satellite

Can be seen from the diagram, the white clouds around the volcanic ash around. In the picture the middle gap between the clouds and volcanic ash, revealed a deep blue Atlantic waters. Over the Atlantic, it is showing a river-like brown volcanic ash clouds, volcanic ash clouds seem to arise from layers of ripples. Volcanic ash cloud like this is shocking, they will have air quality as well as crops and other vegetation have a serious impact. In Iceland, Aiyafala volcanic ash by the eruption out of the ground product has a thick layer of domestic and wild animals pose a great threat. As the volcanic ash could damage aircraft engines, the volcanic eruption will once again paralyze the European aviation system.

Although these volcanic ash clouds look quite spectacular, but they will not have a significant impact on long-term global climate. The greatest impact on the climate factors are not visible in the diagram. To volcanic eruptions on global climate impact, its strength will be large enough to be able to jet into the stratosphere, sulfur dioxide, which is where snow usually form on the space. Sulfur dioxide will be transformed into tiny sulfuric acid rain, the light-colored, acid rain through the sunlight reflected back into space and allow to cool the planet. As these small raindrops do not land down in the stratosphere, they will remain there for months or even years. Therefore, the large-scale volcanic eruption a few years time to reduce the global average surface temperature of several degrees.

In most cases, the high-latitude volcanic eruptions on the global climate will not affect the formation of too much, even if they are of sufficient strength to the eruption of sulfur dioxide injection into the stratosphere. However, the particles that reflect sunlight rarely have the opportunity to spread around the world over. Stratospheric air over the general rise in the tropics, and then move toward the poles, to the high latitude re-sinking into the lower atmosphere.

This cycle model means the formation of volcanic eruptions in the tropics stratospheric particles reflecting sunlight have the opportunity to spread around the world, volcanic eruptions and high latitude regions of the particles are more likely to quickly fall back to the lower atmosphere. When they returned to the troposphere, they will soon be washed by rain and snow in the atmosphere. Yiyafala volcano is at a high latitude, which means that its eruption is unlikely to have a major impact on the global climate.

Volcanic ash to Southwest European spread

After a brief relaxation, the Iceland eyjafjallajokull a large number of volcanic ash ejected again on the 8th, with the strong wind blowing, parts of ash spread to southwestern Europe.

Portuguese air traffic officials said the route Porto in northern Portugal, has been abolished, to the Azores route will be suspended for 10 hours. Currently, Portugal's capital Lisbon airport has 39 flights were canceled, because the local meteorological department forecast volcanic ash will be covered in Lisbon on 9 night sky, visibility and safety are not permitted aircraft movements.

In addition, the Icelandic volcanic ash on the impact of Italy and Spain are also evident. Media, from 8 am to 14:00 local time, most of the airspace in northern Italy have the air control. The Spanish Government said that on the 9th morning on La Coruña, Vigo, Santiago airports closed. Spanish officials said the airport is expected to be reopened soon.

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Iceland's Volcanic Eruption Of Satellite Shows Once Again Spread To The Southeast

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This article was published on 2010/09/14